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Sergiy Naidych

About the author

The first significant shift on the sailing board Sergiy made in 1984 – was on the perimeter of the sea of Azov 852 km, setting a record for the USSR. In 1985, the transition has been made windsurfing from Evpatoria to Sukhumi, the length of 760 km and the duration is 10 days.

In 1989 Sergiy Naidych sets a new record achievement for 35 days, he crawls around the perimeter of the Black sea, breaking on the windsurfer 2300 km in extreme weather conditions. Conducted a transition as a record of the USSR was recorded by the Agency "PARI" and included in book of records and achievements of the USSR and the CIS "Divo-90", ""The first, Wonder-93".

In 1998 and 1999 have attempted the transatlantic crossing on the windsurfer from Spain to the United States. In the first case, failed to get entry us visa, and in the second, due to breakdowns and accidents on the boat support, Naidych was able to go through the ocean like a windsurfer for a week. In the future, the ocean was crossed, but as a sailor of the yacht. A patron of the TRANS-Atlantic voyage was made by Alexander Podolsky from Nikolaev.

In 2001 Sergyy started to learn another kind of extreme windsurfer – continuous swims on the windsurfer. These swims were conducted according to the rules of Guinness Agency: after each hour of continuous motion, the athlete has qualified for a five-minute rest stops. These intervals could he summarize that in the end amounted to two hours of rest during the day. The movement of the windsurfer was carried out in any weather: during a storm he was moving, using the reduced sail area, and when wind - drifted with water raised from the sail. On the shore was the judicial Commission, records of a swim using continuous video recording. In 2001, Sergey held the first continuous swim on a sailing Board, after only 6 hours 25 minutes in the area of Alushta. In March 2002, he showed the result of 52 hours and 15 minutes (Gagarin lake, Simferopol), setting the unofficial record of Ukraine and the CIS for the duration of a continuous movement on the windsurfer. And in 2003 managed to go almost three days. The sail was held June 6-9, at Radischev lake in Simferopol. The schedule of Sergiy Naidych in this sail was three hours of continuous movement and 15 minutes of rest, during which he went to the beach. The pond, which was conducted swim, had an irregular rectangle of 200 by 300 meters, which is among the trees and city buildings. This combination of initial conditions is not only extremely limited movement windsurfer, but it complicated the management of a sailing Board due to the turbulence of the airflow over the surface of the water.

Final marathon time was 71 hours and 30 minutes, which was a world record for the duration of the movement on the windsurfer in one sail. This result was confirmed by the certificate of the Guinness Agencies from 31 March 2004 and published in the book “Guinness World Records 2005” (p. 252) and in the book “Guinness World Records 2006” (p. 202). In 2004, published two books of Naidych: "On the windsurfer – beyond the horizon" (about travel and record on a windsurfer) and "Teach Windsurfing" (textbook in Windsurfing with the author's methods of teaching).

In 2013 in Simferopol (Ukraine) on the waters of the Park. Yuri Gagarin from 19 to 22 July Sergiy Naidych has set a new achievement in a continuous marathon to sailing the Board with the result of 72 hours 32 minutes. The achievement was officially registered as a record of Ukraine and wil be regist in the Guinness Book of records.

New Guinness record


Record holder Guinness Agency Sergiy Naidych. Agency Guinness certificate issued on 31 March 2004, the record was published in the book "Guinness World Records 2005" (p. 252) and in the book "Guinness World Records 2006" (p. 202). Now Sergiy is going to beat his record, which is valid for 12 years. The attempt is planned in Kiev in June 2016.

Marathon sail will be held according to the rules marathons Guinness Agency: after an hour of continuous movement of the athlete is entitled to a five-minute rest stop. Movement windsurfers will be in "shuttle" way along a small section of the coast in the alignment of the camcorder continuously records the course of the swim.

During the sail will be attended by three aspects: sports, social and entertainment. Sport - is a new global movement to achieve duration for windsurfers. Social - in case a global achievement in the "Guinness Book of Records" will be the name of the water body and the city as a place of establishment of the world's achievements in the marathon in windsurfing. The entertainment aspect is that the continuous heat for windsurfers is inherently compressed in time and space, a real adventure, with all its components: the risk, the mobilization of reserves, a breakthrough into the unknown because windsurfers will be in constant motion more than three days, despite to changing weather conditions and the progressive depletion of the body.

On this basis, the upcoming marathon sail - it is a fascinating spectacular event, embodying a sports and human intrigue, publicly showing competition of the human spirit with the complicated real-life unpredictable situations and is able to attract a lot of interest from the public and the media, which involves extensive coverage swim and its organizers on television and in the press. So get the original promotional campaign.

For the organization and conduct of a new marathon swim Sergiy Naidych is looking for sponsors.

If You have the opportunity to provide charitable assistance to the athlete, please list the feasible sum to the

card "PrivatBank" 5168 7556 0467 2994.

THANK you!

Name best patron will be displayed on the sail of the athlete and within three days of continuous marathon of all will be to see them.